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Hey keyboard, been a long time
what do you mean, David? You have been typing on me all morning, like nonstop
Yes, true. I mean since we talked
Oh yeah that has been years. Actually I think that was a different keyboard.
Good point. what cna I call you?
I dont know, how about keys
ok keys sounds good.
So, david, you got anything interesting to say?
not yet
Well this ought to be real fun for me then. How about work, anything interesting going on there?
Yes actually. I just wrote a couple development plans to help my engineers get ahead in their careers.
I said "interesting."
gee thanks. Im sitting here listening to them do a conference call and they are on speaker phone so it is hard to think.
No just a statement.
I have a bunch of concerts coming up. I am looking forward to doing different things
PMJ, Henry rollins, Pet shop Boys, Sia, and Stevie Nicks
any cool trips?
None planned officially, but think im going to Florida and baton rouge in October. Then hopefully the carribean in November.
this is the very definition of small chat, you know that?
Yeah. But, I really dont feel like i have anything to say right now.
Well my life is pretty interesting. You wold be surprised what goes on when you are not here. I would get a camera if I were you.
Well, let's just say that your cube is not bored when you are away.
really? do tell?
Do I look like a snitch?
You started this
what do yo umean? Im AM you so you started this
ok dont blow the illusion. It ruins the flow
You dont ruin the flow
very funny. get back in character Keys
Oh ok. I swear no sense of humor today david
So what goes on in my cube when im away?
Get a camera
really, not even a hint?
David, remember that bar you owned in hell? well...
Holy shit, yes. really, stuff like that?
No. I was going to say it was nothing like that but you interrupted me.
Smart ass
I dont have an ass
So why is my chair a different height every Monday?
Well David...

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