Sep. 29th, 2016

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Som, hey \Keys whats up
Nada, you David
Well, actually I have been painting again.
Yup this writing to release creativity thing might just be working some. I could hardly tear myself away from the painting tonight.
Wow. That is cool. You have one messed up brain
huh! wtf
Well you are basically tricking yourself into doing what you want
Nah. Im actually just getting the creative juices flowing in a very basic way. And it is spilling over.
btw Keys, you were going to tell me why my chair was a different height every Monday
Was I?
Yes you were
ok so this is a long story and not sure how much of I can tell before you fall asleep on me. You know how great I am with words and stuff.
Just get on with it
ok ok
(keys starts twirling his chord)
when we moved to the fourth floor was when you first noticed it right?
Im actually not sure but that sounds about right
so blah blah blah and then yada yada so then there she was
you actually just said blah blah and yada yada
oh I though that was my internal dialogue, sorry
So around 8PM on Firday nights, the last of the people leave and about an hour after that the auto lights turn off. Yes that guy never bothers to turn off the light for an entire floor when he leaves...
well it is dark then and I cant see
you cant see anyways... no eyes remember
yes but i have more than enough "i"s
ugh really?
hey this is my story are you going to let me tell it or not?
go on
fortunately my internal clock keeps running
wait you have an internal clock, thought just the motherboard did?
Nope, we all do now. Welcome to the internet of things
wow cool
So around Midnight on Saturday nights, a flashlight comes bouncing down the hall...

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