Nov. 21st, 2016

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I have been in a strange mood this weekend my mind has been giving into a lot of wondering what if and being self indulgent in its misery.
What is writers is it never gripped me I just kind of say back and watched it. It is hour strange things can trigger the mind going places it ought not go. Like this morning I was scrambling up some eggs with door cheese (fake) Turkey, spinach, and mushrooms and i remembered doing that for her many times. I did, almost in third person, and watched my mind go down that path. It was not actually bad, even though I used the word misery earlier. It really was fine. It was very interesting to observe where there were painful memories and where there were pleasant ones without being pulled into the emotional spiral.
Maybe some of this mediation stuff is starting to sink in; or, maybe I was just hung over. Kind of hard to tell the difference some days.

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