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Well the crowd started showing up around 8pm last night. I have no idea how the word spread so well, but it wasn't until 11pm that I had somebody show up in clothes.

This couple showed up in full club attire. The line was almost all the way around the building by the time they got here. They didn't seem to be alarmed at all by the fact that they were the only ones clothed. I watched them as they inched their way around the building on the camera in my office. At first she was clutching to his arm staring intently at the back of the person in front of them's head. He was the first to start letting his eyes wonder. His head would fall slightly, and his eyes would dart around the crowd. He would notice somebody look at him and his glance would return to the blonde hair of the guy in front of him. She was less subtle when she gave in. She watched this couple move to the back of the line and actually turned her head to follow them as they walked past. As she watched the different people her hands began to caress her lover's arm. It is always fun to watch confusion give way to lust.

When they approached the door, they asked my door girl, "What is going on tonight?"

K responded, "D is having her birthday party up here and has asked that no clothing be allowed. Of course, as shy as we all are, she really had to twist our arm."

"So nobody will be wearing any clothes?"

"You got it." K said as the couple began stripping right there.

"You can wait to get undressed until you get inside if you want. We have lockers in the restrooms."

It was too late, once you start peeling off latex, it is a real pain to get it back on.

D and Jason showed up promptly at midnight. She was blindfolded but other than that had nothing but slippers on. Jason was guiding her through the door, trying to keep her moving towards my bar. I say trying because everybody and their brother was stopping them to wish her happy birthday.

Across the bar, there was a young man that I had never seen before just staring at her. He followed her every move with his eyes. I would say he was undressing her with his eyes, but he seemed way to comfortable with her nudity to need to do that. There was definitely lust there, in his gaze, but more than that. There was familiarity.

As she reached the, Jason removed her blindfold, and the roar of "Happy Birthday," seemed to echo from the very bowels of the lake beneath us. Her eyes were sparkling as she took in the scene around her. I had not known that nobody told her the party was naked only. It was apparent in her eyes that she was just now learning that fact.

The crowd around her thickened into one large heap of human flesh as everybody took turns groping her and wishing her a happy birthday. Those waiting to get to her settled for groping those closest to them as the wave of flesh rotated until all had had their chance to show their friendship to her. All but the stranger that is, he just sat and stared, Well sat, massaged himself a little, and stared that is.

This is where the night got interesting…

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