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May. 31st, 2008 04:42 pm
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It feels good to be back home again. That familiar smell of sulfur from the lake, Clorox sprayed in the bathrooms, stale cigarettes, and spilled beer brings a strange sense of comfort.
B is helping me out tonight while sh has the some remodeling done to the barge. Feel like old times with her behind the bar.
Should be an interesting evening. Some of he regulars are visiting us over ehre for the first time. I wonder if she warned them ho risqué this place gets. Guess we will find out soon.
HE and I sit in the office as I recount my visit to the barge for HIM. For some reason most of my memory of that night revolves around that lady. Her presence was like no lady I had ever met. I never got her name that night, but I’m confident we will meet again soon.
Things are already getting interesting. Diane and Marie have started their competition. Recently they decided to see which of them could get more guys to buy them drinks. Tonight, however, they seem to have added a twist. I might have to go out of the office and watch this. They are hitting on women. Their skills are honed and by the time I make it to the bar, each of them have three women around them in what looks like some form of “Survivor: nightclub edition.” Each girl is competing for the attention of their prospective conquest.
Before the heads even turn, I feel her. She walks into my bar with the same air that carried her onto the barge.
Whatever game Diane and Marie were playing is now over. Every eye in the place is desperately trying to find something to glance at so as to not get caught staring.
B hands me a cinnamon martini and nods at her. The hint is not wasted on me. Drink in hand, I push my way through the crowd to where she stands, talking to her long lost strangers about matters you could never guess bored her.
“I believe this is yours,” I said as I handed her her drink.
“Thank you, David,” she replied, though we had never been introduced.
“Nice,” I answered, “and you are?”
“Rach,” she said in a way that mad me feel I had known her for years.
Curiosity as killing me; I had to know more about her, but not yet.
“I will let you get back to your friends. Talk to you soon.” I said as I forced myself away.
I couldn’t make out her reply as I walked away, but I cold feel her eyes on me. Hell I could feel every eye in the bar on me as I stepped behind the bar.
The bar is busy now, so I give B a hand with a few orders. The electricity is flowing. It is definitely going to b one of those nights that make me love this place so much.
The dark corners are conducive to drawing out the bohemian in even the most straight laced.
Diane and Marie have now ditched their entourage, having gotten more than enough free drinks, and are making out with this Trent Reznor look alike. Diane wastes no time slipping her hands down his pants as Marie caresses his chest. He feigns embarrassment, to who’s benefit, I have no clue.
B has even gotten back into the spirit, removing her top to reveal her stomach laced corset piercings. The wounds are fresh and the droplets of blood under each piercing merely glimmer off the black lace.
“Man I hope I remembered to turn on the cameras,” I think to myself as I realize that this may be too much even for a voyeur such as I to take in all at once.
From behind the bar it appears that Diane has disappeared, but I can tell from the smile on Trent and Marie’s faces that he hasn’t gone far.
I grab a shot of patron as my heart pounds with all of the excitement my customers now enjoy.
As I put my empty shot glass in the sink, I notice a pair of panties on the corner of the bar. Denise is here somewhere. I spot her husband first. I follow his gaze, expecting to see her at their usual game, but his eye are locked with Marie’s and the veiled smile on her face lets me know where Diane is focusing her attention at the moment.
These nights never cease to hold new surprises, even for me.
A hand reaches over my shoulder and down my shirt as another reaches around and unbuckles my belt. I don’t have to turn around. I found Denise, or she found me.
I look up at one of my cameras and smile…

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