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ok so here I am on the third day, i think, of doing the ten minutes a day of just writing. I actually think i am seeing effects from this exercise already. It is hard, at times, to figure out what to say. I dont really have any stories in me right now. Nothing burning to get out; however, last time i did this drill it took a few weeks before I started feeling stories in me. I do like the fact that I am painting again.
I started some new meds today. You know as I think about this,i dont really think I should spend the ten minutes writing about reality or journaling. That is for other types of posts. Here I just want to let words flow and say whatever they will or will not say.
So I have no story that goes with the keyboard telling me about my chair. I was hoping if i kept going back to it, something would evolve. But dead end there.
Red the color red.
nope, nothing else. just that. No lines of mystery or humor. Just red.
I think that in time some of my pain might find a way out through some of this exercise. I have no idea what to expect.
It slows me down correcting all my tyupos. So I always joke that my super power is my typos. I wonder what that would look like:
TypoMan. Alter ego is not so mild mannered computer geek who likes to paint. Spellchecker is his nemesis. He is fighting for comfusion. Maybe Im a super villain not a super hero. But i think Im the hero of the story. I reap confusion where ever I type. My messages always lead to wrong, but funny, conclusioins.
I htink this is a doable character. Lol. Well I wouold do him at least. now what did typo man get himself into today.
At work at his corporate job, Typoman, the world knows him as david, sends an email to his CFO. What could go wrong?
Masking plans for a weekend getaway with his girlfriend, he texts last minute changes in plans to his girlfriend... harmles enough right???
Ordering new dress slacks from a tailor online, the beginnings of drag typowoman???
Yeah all sound pretty dull, but put George Costaqnza in as the lead role and boom a new comedy.
Special guest appearances by Zacm Braff.

Typos are not corrected in this edition.
Night all

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