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Where does the idea that people's worth is separate from their actions come from.
Just ahd somebody try to tell me that Buddhism teaches that, when the very opposite is true of Buddhism. The Dali Lama teaches repeatedly that what you say means nothing if it is not what you do.
He also teaches, in his lessons on destructive emotions, that actions can make you a destructive and therefore negative force in the universe. These forces, from the same teachings, should be avoided by all who seek enlightenment because theyare destructive and therefore destroy all they touch by their very nature.
These teachings among almost all of his others teach that if anything, humans are a blank slate and can be positive forces or negative, but in and of themselves carry no value.
It is purely a western philosophy to attach value to human life with no credentials to back up that value.
Stop quoting people like Richard Gere and saying things like, "what a Buddhist way of looking at it!"
"Man has human value in the individual who acts in a worthy way for his own welfare and for that of others." this is from this article on this very topic.
or you can read it here )

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