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Are you aware that our Gwinnett Commissioners have proposed a 25 - 30% property tax increase Gwinnett residents? It will be on the higher end if you live in a city. For example, the proposal for Norcross residents is to increase taxes by 30.173% to be exact.

Placing this incredible burden on our residents and businesses in this difficult economy is unbelievable and I will not stand by and watch it happen without a fight.

State law requires the Commissioners hold 3 public hearings on this mammoth tax increase. Two of them will be TODAY, Tuesday, 5/26 at 4:30pm and 6:15pm. It’s quite obvious that the Commissioners wanted to make it as inconvenient as possible for citizens to attend, by scheduling it the day after the Memorial Day holiday. There is one last hearing on June 2 at 10:30am, after which they will vote on this historic tax hike. The hearings will be held at the Gwinnett Justice & Administration Center at 75 Langley Dr. in Lawrenceville.

I ask you to help publicize this urgent call to send our Commissioners a clear message: “Do not jack up our taxes just so you can expand county government by 10% this year alone.”

Time is very short. Yesterday, the Gwinnett Daily Post printed an Open Letter to Gwinnett Taxpayers from Mayor Dave Williams of Suwannee. I hope you will read it and pass this email along to as many Gwinnett residents and businesses as you can. Also, please call the commissioners and express your outrage at their failure to reduce county government

Charles Bannister: 770.822.7010
Shirley Lasseter: 770.822.7001
Bert Nasuti: 770.822.7002
Mike Beaudreau: 770.822.7003
Kevin Kenerly: 770.822.7004

As Gwinnett County resident, I can assure you that they WILL NOT change their minds on this scheme unless a lot of citizens show up at these hearings. I hope you will make an effort to attend one of these meetings to send a clear message to the Commissioners.


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